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Big G Auto Service was established as an alternative to the high cost, low experience Auto Services that have become ubiquitous in our community. Before going into business on his own Geoff had worked at several other Auto Dealers and found several things he did not like about the way they conducted business. So he decided to go into business on his own to try to make your automotive repair experience the way it should be


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Love these Guys they have been my personal mechanics for like five years now and they also do the fleet trucks at my work. Reasonably priced and very honest mechanics in my opinion.
— Naomi King
This is not an oxymoron. I have honestly found an honest mechanic.
— Carolyn Moore
I love the guys here. They always treat me well. Not like some dumb woman who knows nothing about cars. LOL
— Joy Murphy
Great customer service and great prices. My overall experience with Big G has been Outstanding it beats going to Firestone. Keep the Good work up.
— Derrick Collins
Great place, great people, awesome service!
— Lisa Snyder
Big G Auto Service has far exceeded my expectations! Their vast knowledge, reasonable pricing, honesty and caring attitude sold me on their service from my first visit. They came highly recommended to me so I am passing it on... I highly recommend them to my family and friends and to you reading these reviews now. I rarely do reviews or surveys. When I receive exceptional service it moves me to participate. Give them a try. You will not be disappointed. Note: When possible plan ahead... They have a busy schedule.
— Debbie S
— Emilia Waffleson

BIG G also does Commercials...



I’ll only work with the best materials available and provide a 24 month or 24,000 mile guarantee on all labor. I never compromise quality for time and give my clients realistic schedules that accommodate their lives and I strive for honest customer service if you have a problem contact me I will work with you to find the most affordable option available. 



About Me

MY NAME IS Geoff Dugopolski AKA "big G"

My Love for cars goes way back… I come from a family of CAR NUTS! Starting out when my Great Grandpa Joseph Pristelski first moved to America. He worked on the Model T assembly line for Henry Ford!! His 2 sons Stan and Ed owned a Chysler Dealer in the 60’s together. Which later became Pristel Pontiac on Michigan.

Fast forward to my birth. While my Mom was in the hospital recovering from child birth, My Dad had a 63 Rivierra  but it needed more power. So he bought this junky 64 Buick Wild Cat for its 425 2 4 barrel 4 speed drivetrain. Quickly he robbed its drivetrain and junked the body before my Mom came home. Growing up my Dad always had cool cars. Like a Big Block 69 Camaro Convertible. 72 Chevelle Convertible and a 1980 Corvette that he still owns today. I saved up lawn cutting money and bought my first car at 16 which is a 1969 Chevelle SS 396 that had a broken frame and ended up getting a frame off restoration.

After High School I went to Ranken to get formal training in Automotive Maintenance Technology. While going to Ranken I drove a 1972 EL Camino which I converted from an automatic to a 4 speed. At Ranken I met Joe Anello (a fellow 69 Chevelle owner). Joe taught me how to drag race and the EL Camino was raced a few times but I wanted something FASTER.

After Ranken I worked in the shops of a few Gas Stations and built a radical street driven 85 Pontiac Grand Prix. This Car got raced A LOT!!! In 1996 a job at Landmark Chrysler became open. I learned a lot at the dealers and spent the next 4 years at different local Dodge Dealers I became a Chrysler Gold Technician. Throughout the years the racer went from 12 sec 85 El Camino to the DRAGWEEK Famous 1978 11 sec Malibu. These years I noticed that the dealers didn’t do things the way I thought they should be done. A Lot of the service sales were made because the mechanics made good time doing certain services that more benefited the dealer and the technician but not the customer. After a lot of searching I ended up buying an old vacant gas station on Natural Bridge in Bridgeton MO. Where I still offer Auto Repair the way it should be done.