Big G works on a wide variety of caR repairs Ranging from oil Changes, Chasis Work, to internal Engine. here is a list of the popular services we do. if you have questions about a service not listed. Call 314-298-0545 


Air Condition Service

Air Condition Service $87 includes FREON



2 or 4 Wheel ALIGNMENT on OUR state of the art HUNTER Alignment Machine



BATTERIES Big G carries AC Delco Batteries – they carry an 18 Month FREE REPLACEMENT and most cases installation is FREE from $89




BRAKES Basic Brake Job includes New WHEREVER Gold Pads, New Rotors and Labor all for $169 Front, $225.00 rear on almost any car! Trucks, Packable Bearings and Exotic Vehicles may be extra.

Cooling System Service

Cooling System Service from $59



Differentials YES WE FIX THEM… Build em or just replace em. In fact very few shops in town have the equipment to overhaul differentials and they bring them to us! Most overhauls start at $650.00

Commercial/ Fleet 

Big G has experience working with Commercial Business or fleet accounts. If you have a business and are looking for a mechanic you can trust not to overcharge and only fix what needs to be worked on give us a call. 


Front Wheel Drive Axles installed on almost any car $200 includes Axles and Labor


Oil Change

Oil Change Services:

Conventional 5w30 $25.00

Synthetic Blend 5w20 $30.00

Any weight Full Synthetic $48.00



Tires we NO longer sell USED Tires but are competitively priced on NEW Tires and have an advantage of being within 5 miles of 3 different HUGE St Louis Warehouses. We are an exclusive Hercules Tire Dealer and all Hercules Tires carry FREE ROAD HAZZARD WARRANTY




Official Missouri Safety and Emissions Inspection Station